Education & A Youth-Driven Agenda

Isaiah Thomas has dedicated his life to mentoring young people throughout Philadelphia, both in the classroom and after-school. As councilman, he will advocate for policies to fix our schools from the inside out. Philadelphia schools have crumbling buildings, too few resources and an unequal distribution of extracurricular activities. Isaiah knows that a quality education with positive after-school opportunities will lead to safer and more prosperous neighborhoods. He believes that every student should have access to college, but that college is not the only path to a family-sustaining career. He will fight to give young people more options, including vocational school and apprenticeships with local labor unions.

Gun Violence Prevention & Crime Reduction

Our country and our city have a gun violence problem, plain and simple. Isaiah Thomas' friends and neighbors have lost children and parents to this epidemic. Through his work in the community, he has seen first-hand that the problem, whether active or dormant, exists in every corner of the city. On City Council, Isaiah will introduce legislation to keep young people out of trouble and out of harm's way. He will work to provide educational and training opportunities for responsible gun ownership, making sure deadly weapons stay out of the hands of criminals. Isaiah will also promote ways to enhance the community's relationship with local police districts so victims and their families feel comfortable and empowered to work with law enforcement on preventative interventions.


Pathway to Quality Jobs

Isaiah Thomas believes that every young person should have access to a quality job in their local community. Philadelphia has several major colleges and universities that attract national talent - it’s our job to retain that talent through robust economic opportunity. Isaiah will enact policies that help the city attract and retain businesses and the local jobs they create. He will promote incentive programs for workforce readiness, such an internships, apprenticeships and vocational training, and will advocate to remove barriers to higher education and other pathways to family-sustaining careers.


Vote in the Democratic primary on May 21, 2019.
Isaiah Thomas, Democrat For City Council At-Large